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Biography of James Lyle

James lyle actor is a Seattle-based performer, producer, and dependable Star Excursion fan. His evening of comic vignettes, To the Independent Eye, just completed its run with Producers’ Theater. He actually joined the cast of the impending dream feature, First Official of the Master.

What is your take of Outdoors Excursion doing this point, and what are you expecting about the looming creation?
I love Outside Excursion and eager to finally have the option to play with these unimaginably creative individuals this year. I’m for the most part expecting to amaze and captivating groups with our original understanding of Excursion. Additionally, clearly oiling my catches for the unimaginable, solid Captain Kirk.

What cool things do you do in your life past External Excursion?
Beside Star Excursion and acting, I value climbing, camping out, candlelit dinners, long walks around the beach front, and speculative semantics.

What history do you have with sensational manifestations?
I’ve been acting in the Seattle area starting around 2004 at places like ArtsWest, Stone Soup, SecondStory Rep, Spirit Light Theatricals, and others. I’m in like manner an essayist — my show To the Independent Eye just completed its existence debut run conveyed by Screenwriters’ Theater, and I’m dynamic in Producers’ new play agonizing lab, which does public readings of new and making works twice month to month at Stone Soup. On September 8 we’ll examine my latest draft of another sci-fi play called Red Planet Blue.

What history do you have with Star Excursion?
Star Excursion and I go way back. Way, way back. Before Outside Excursion, my most Trektastic second as a fan has been playing Expert Alden, Manager Clinical Authority of the Starship Phoenix, on the fan film series Star Excursion: Phoenix. Check out at it on YouTube! If, you know, you’re into something to that effect. Of course whether or not you’re not.

What animates you about the destiny of humanity?
The way that so enormous quantities of our assumptions for what it will be like have been misguided. The most basic estimates (nuclear struggle, stifling overpopulation, Longing Games) haven’t happened. Also, shockingly, the most confident visionaries totally failed to expect something which turned out to be undeniably more brilliant — the information development turmoil. It’s 2014, and negative, I don’t have a jetpack. However, I truly have a mobile phone. Moreover, nobody saw it coming. I can barely hold on to sort out what comes immediately!

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